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The management and control system of the Group relies on the traditional model. It has a Board of Directors that manages the company establishing its guidelines; a Board of Auditors that supervises the compliance with the law, with the Deed of Incorporation, as well as with the principles of proper management; finally, the Shareholders’ Meeting that has the task of appointing the members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors, as well as of approving the Annual Report and Financial Statements.

With regards to the purpose “Good for You, Good for the Planet”, the Chairman and Vice-chairmen make sure that it is understood, developed and consistent with the company values.

The Management Committee, made up of the CEO and the Managers reporting to him, defines the development strategies and assesses the compliance with the objectives set, verifying the progress made.

Furthermore, a key role is carried out by a dedicated Executive Steering Committee, i.e. an interfunctional group made up of some members of the Management Committee that identifies strategies, guidelines and project proposals for sustainable development, and carries out the monitoring of sustainability-specific risks. The Steering Committee is coordinated by the Sustainability Unit that operates within Barilla’s Communication and External Relations Department.

To manage specific projects, operating groups have been set up.

In the process of sharing responsibilities inside the organisation, the main management offices are assigned performance objectives linked to the management of the sustainability process.