Good for the Communities

Good for the Communities
Open, transparent and caring collaborations

"Good for You, Good for the Planet" is the strategy adopted by Barilla to give its contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations.

Sustainable Development Goals
For Barilla means

To favour food security and safety, and to help the populations hit by natural disasters or socio-economic crises.

To educate new generations to healthy lifestyles, balanced eating habits and responsible food consumption.

 To promote the development of farmers of the Barilla supply chain by improving the competitiveness of local agriculture.



795 million people live in conditions of extreme poverty
Worldwide there are about 795 million undernourished people1 – one person out of nine – and more than 800 million people who live in conditions of extreme poverty2.  In Europe alone 79 million people – more than one person out of ten - live below the poverty threshold and 16 million people have asked for the help of charity organisations to feed themselves3.
At the same time, in the European Union every year about 88 million tons of food are wasted and this amount would be sufficient to feed 200 million people.  

1 UNRIC, Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

2 UNRIC, Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere

3 European Parliament, Resolution of 19 January 2012 on how to avoid food wastage

16 million people in Europe received help from charity organisations.


In the United States and Europe, situations of financial difficulty and social exclusion are often associated to wrong nutritional choices and food disorders that can lead to problems of obesity or overweight.

2.1 billion people are overweight or obese
In Europe 1 child out of 3 under 11 years of age is overweight or obese 4.
Particularly alarming is the increase of paediatric cases: in the United States alone 7 million children and teenagers between 2 and 19 years of age (accounting for 17% of the total) have obesity problems and another 15% is overweight. Education to a healthy lifestyle at home and at school undoubtedly plays a key role in the prevention of these problems.

4 WHO, Obesity - Data and statistics


Agriculture and the food chain are key sectors for the creation of jobs, the promotion of local development and social inclusion.

About 40% of the world population works in agriculture5,6.

In Europe alone, the agricultural and agri-food sector employs 46 million people.

In Italy, despite a high rate of youth unemployment, more than 50,000 farms are managed by entrepreneurs under 35 years of age.

Barilla's main actions
Food security and social inclusion

Different projects have been developed to donate food excesses, and we have created coordination mechanisms with the local associations that help people in need.

Some of the organisations are: Banco Alimentare in Italy, Feeding America in the United States, Food Bank Australia, Banque Alimentaire and Restos du Coeur in France.

Furthermore, Barilla supports the activity of Chef Bruno Serato, who donates every day a pasta dish to hundreds of children in need through the Caterina’s Club Foundation.
more than 4,000 tons of products donated in the world
During emergencies caused by natural disasters in Italy, we collaborate with the Civil Defence to help the populations involved through product donations, a team of volunteers called the “Barilla Angels”, and a first response mobile unit. When we cannot intervene directly, we support organisations providing humanitarian assistance programmes.

In 2016, for example, we supported UNICEF in Turkey, UNHCR to help refugees following the occupation of Mosul; in Sweden we started work and integration programmes for immigrants and in Greece we supported several local organisations with financial and product donations.
118 Barilla People make up a team of volunteers of the Civil Defence: the Barilla Angels

Food excess


We promote educational programmes to make the new generations aware of the importance of correct nutrition and physical activity, the respect for the value of food and the environmental impact of food choices.


  • the Giocampus project in Italy
  • the collaboration with Common Threads and Girls Scouts in the United States.
More than 15,000 kids and teenagers from Parma involved in 2016 in the “Giocampus” project.

We involved young people in the urban areas of Chicago, New York, Austin and Miami in projects of healthy eating education and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Responsible supply chain

We promote supply chain contracts to support farmers and prefer long term cultivation contracts, thus establishing stable relations that offer more guarantees to farms and favour investments to improve productivity.

Furthermore, through projects developed in collaboration with scientific partners and farmers’ associations, we provide tools to favour a more efficient agronomic management, which enables farmers to improve the quality and yield of crops. 
1,500 farms involved in projects that improve the competitiveness of local agriculture.

| G4-27 |

Our stakeholders are asking us
Definition of a social mission for the Group

Identify the “social cause” that the Group wants to promote to support local communities and develop an organic and consistent action plan.

Better system organisation to manage social projects

Evolve the management system of the activities supporting local communities to guarantee full transparency, reliability and measurability of impacts

Creation of synergy between NGOs, Barilla People and consumers

Promote collaboration with local NGOs to deal with topics of interest to local communities, involving the Group’s employees and increasing consumers’ awareness.

Our collaborations

Italy : Fondazione Banco Alimentare

France: Fédération Française des Banques Alimentaires, Les Restos du Coeur

Greece: 45 local institutions and more than 70 NGOs, charities and food distribution centres in different Greek cities

Turckey: Tider Food Bank

Russia: canteens, orphanages and philanthropic associations in the areas of Moscow and Saint Petersburg 

USA: Feeding America, Miami Rescue Mission, Dallas Life, Food Bank New York, Growing Power

Australia: Food Bank Australia, Ontario Association of Food Banks


  • Improve food systems in the communities in which we operate by supporting organizations with missions to reduce food waste, close food gaps and eradicate food injustice/inequality.


  • Provide pasta donations to Chef Bruno Serato’s Caterina’s Club, which feeds hundreds of low-income children daily in Southern California.
  • Sponsor Growing Power’s “Fresh Moves” program.  Growing Power is a national nonprofit organization land trust supporting people from diverse backgrounds, and the environments in which they live, by helping to provide equal access to healthy, high-quality, safe and affordable food for people in all communities. “Fresh Moves” is a mobile market which provides fresh produce on Chicago’s West and South-sides.
  • Donate production surplus and provide financial support to hunger relief organizations, in addition to employee volunteer activities, such as Feeding America, Food Bank for New York City, Miami Mission and Dallas Life.

SOS Children’s Villages

Swedish Work Agency


  • Assist the families of refugees and migrants in the context of the migration crisis in the Mediterranean area


  • Support the humanitarian assistance centre for refugees set up on the island of Crete thanks to a pasta donation campaign with the involvement of consumers
  • Employment of a group of refugees in Sweden in the Filipstad plant

Italian Civil Defence

Donation to the population of Kumamoto in Japan


  • Provide immediate help to the population in case of emergency


  • Product donations and intervention in emergency situations through the Barilla Mobile Unit.
  • The Civil Defence team of volunteers: the Barilla Angels intervened in the areas of Central Italy hit by the 2016 earthquake.
  • The project of the new school in Mirandola (Italy) damaged by the 2012 earthquake was presented and Barilla gave a funding contribution.
  • Food donations for the population of the Kumamoto district (Japan) hit by an earthquake in April 2016.



  • Promote healthy lifestyles for a balanced growth of the new generations in the area of Parma.


  • It is a project for kids and teenagers from 4 to 14 from Parma and its province. It is the result of a public-private educational alliance.

Professional hotel management schools in Poland

Caterina’s Club


  • Disseminate the culture of the Mediterranean Diet in schools and combat the onset of childhood obesity.


  • Training activities and taste workshops on the Mediterranean Diet and on the preparation of pasta recipes for 150 students from Polish professional hotel management schools.
  • Support to chef Bruno Serato through pasta donations that enable him to help hundreds of needy kids through the Caterina’s Club Foundation.

Girls Scouts


  • Share nutrition, cooking and dinnertime skills with children to work towards a healthy lifestyle, for mind, body and soul.


  • Developed a “program in a box” for 5,000+ Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, including a custom-designed Activity Guide with more than 60 nutrition, cooking and dinnertime activities.  Created a “teaching kitchen” for 300+ girls at the Annual “Mighty Girls” event.
  • Support the Common Threads organization, which helps children learn how to choose and cook healthy food, in its effort to provide nutrition and cooking curriculae in low-income schools across Chicago, New York. Miami, Austin and Los Angeles.

Canada: Covenant House Canada, Walter & Connie Payton Foundation
Turkey: Koruncuk Fondation for the protection of minors


  • Support kids and teenagers who live in situations of difficulty and social exclusion.


  • Organisation of company voluntary campaigns to collect clothes and toys.
  • Donations of food and money to support kids in hospitality centres.

Lösev: Turkish association helping kids with leukaemia


  • Offer comfort and support to young patients affected by leukaemia, and to their families.


  • Donation of foods for the Ankara treatment centre that hosts more than 2,500 patients with their families.

Tyler Clementi Foundation


  • Favour awareness on and fight against phenomena of threats, bullying and discrimination in the workplace, and digital communication channels.


  • Support the activities of the Foundation and participation in the awareness initiatives on the topics of respect and inclusion of diversity.

G4-16 |


The constant commitment and sensitivity shown by the Barilla People and by the company in favour of adoptions have led to the recognition of “Best Adoption-Friendly workplace” for the tenth consecutive year awarded by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to Barilla America.

The Cradle Foundation gave Barilla America the “Silver Cradle Award” for its activities in support of adoptions in the Chicago area.

Barilla America received the “Upstander Legacy Award” from the Tyler Clementi Foundation for the Group’s commitment in the fight against all forms of discrimination, bullying and cyberbullying. 

2016 Focus

It is a project meant for kids and teenagers from 5 to 14 years of age, who live in Parma and its province, that combines education on healthy eating and physical activity. It features three activities: Giocampus School, Snow and Summer. Giocampus School is a specific activity that is part of the school programme and aimed at teaching a balanced lifestyle. Giocampus Snow is an educational winter week dedicated to winter sports and healthy eating habits, and Giocampus Summer is a summer camp dedicated to young people.

It is the result of a public-private educational alliance between several local players: Comune di Parma, Comune di Sorbolo, Comune di Torrile, Comune di Busseto, Comune di Traversetolo, Comune di Salsomaggiore, Comune di Montechiarugolo, Università di Parma, Cus Parma, Coni Emilia Romagna, Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per l’Emilia Romagna Ufficio XIII Ambito territoriale per la provincia di Parma, Ausl, Federazione Italiana Golf, Barilla, Fondazione Cariparma, Parma Calcio 1913, Studio Cocconi-Face, Flo, Ilger, Chiesi Farmaceutici, X3energy, Impresa Pizzarotti, Perfume Holding, Unione Parmense degli Industriali, Poliambulatorio Dalla Rosa Prati, Davines, CFT, Turbocoating, Iren and Fondazione Teatro Regio.


Over the years, the activity has continued growing, expanding its local presence and influence. In 2016, 15,126 kids and teenagers were involved.

IVANA DI MARTINO - #werun4kids

In Europe, children poverty and social exclusion hit more than 27 million kids, one out of four. Guaranteeing young people food security and a correct healthy eating education was the message that Ivana Di Martino, mother and runner, wanted to carry to European Institutions “on the run”.

A long 900 km run, from Milan to Brussels, to increase awareness on the role of Food Banks in Italy, France and Belgium, and on the topic of children nutrition poverty, organized with the support of the Barilla Group, which funded and expanded the message by setting up an intense campaign of communication, as well as taking charge of the tour’s logistics.



  1. Increase awareness on relevant topics: With the BCFN Foundation, Barilla has been studying for years the paradoxes around food, among which the coexistence of obesity and hunger in many countries, and food waste. We believe our responsibility is to contribute to increase the awareness on all these subjects.
  2. Enhance Barilla’s brand engagement in the social arena: because to increase the relevance of actions from individuals who “think the way we do” is the best way to carry our values forward.
  3. Strengthen partnerships: for years Barilla has been working with Banco Alimentare in Italy, and is preparing to launch new partnerships in the communities where it is present, for example in France and Belgium.

The project was managed by one of the Group’s project managers, supported by three work teams who took care of social media, events organisation and institutional relations respectively.

  • Social Media Plan: Barilla took part in making Ivana’s story known by highlighting it on its own social channels: via Twitter at the global level, Facebook in France and Belgium. A video crew was made available to the athlete to document every day (from 11 to 23 May 2016) each stage of the journey and a digital campaign was started. On Facebook the video scored 1 million views and the campaign more than 11 million impressions.

  • Media Plan: Barilla, together with Foods Banks, engaged the main local media in France and Belgium, 12 press releases were published in France and 22 in Belgium.

  • Events: an event team was put together to follow Ivana along her journey. Welcome events were organized at each stage and, for the end of the journey, a multi-stakeholder event with 5 European Parliament representatives was set up, so that Ivana could deliver her message to the institutions.


Barilla showed to be on the front line in handling the most severe situations due to natural disasters. We have been working with the Italian Civil Defence for years and we effectively intervened in support of the populations hit by disasters.

This cooperation led to the creation of a Mobile Unit to bring concrete help to people in emergency situations. The Unit is made of a kitchen truck, a kitchen dedicated to people suffering from gluten intolerance, a tensile structure with benches and tables and a tent camp capable of delivering up to 500 meals per hour. This is not only a source of sustenance to those in need, but, most importantly, represents a place of comfort, where it is possible to find a sense of conviviality while sharing a hot meal.

During the many earthquakes that hit various regions of Central Italy in 2016, the Mobile Unit was able to intervene promptly thanks to the support of hundreds of volunteers from many civil society organisations, and the Barilla Angels, employees trained to provide assistance to people in difficulty during emergencies.

On 13 January 2017, during the Patron Saint’s festivities in Parma, Barilla celebrated the expansion of the Mobile Unit with a new refrigeration unit, which will continue supporting people during emergencies.


“In moments of such distress, people can find some hope when meeting volunteers who dedicate their own time to make them not feel abandoned. Congratulations to Parma’s Civil Defence and bravo to the Barilla Angels. A practical example of precious values”
Paolo Barilla, Vice Chairman

By 2020 Barilla will promote the inclusion of people through programs for access to food, educational projects and the promotion of diversity.
Increase the number of farms involved in projects that improve the competitiveness of local agriculture.
1,500 farms.
Promote the social inclusion of people in need through food donations, social projects and support in the event of emergencies.
Oltre 4.000 tons of products donated in the world.
Promote educational projects for young people on issues related to food and nutrition.
In Italy the Giocampus project has been carried on, involving 15,126 children.
95% of employees reporting having the flexibility they need to manage work and personal life.
77% of employees.

Source: 2015 internal survey
Achieve equality between women and men in leadership positions.
34.6% of women in leadership positions.
Product Donations
Product Donations

4,306 tons of donated products in 2016


1,208,989* €, liberalities not considering product donations in 2016.

* not considering product donations

Barilla People Volunteers
Barilla People Volunteers

4,304, volunteering hours in 2016.

Plants open
Plants open to the local communities

10,894, People who visited Barilla plants in 2016.