A shared parth

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It is commonly acknowledged that the topics linked to environmental impacts, economies, and peoples’ health and nutrition are closely interlinked: in this respect there are great expectations of positive results, but the large amount of work to do cannot be dealt with by the individual supply chain players, if they are not part of an overall project.

Thanks to the contribution of all its people, Barilla is committed to its responsibilities and collaboration with Governmental and non-Governmental organizations with the purpose of promoting and then working on a shared path.

Recent experiences show that to overcome the impasse we are in, where progress is hardly noticed, we must disseminate a new culture capable of changing the current lifestyle and imposing new products and processes that are useful to safeguard the Planet and the future of our children.

This Sustainability Report is important because it shows the progress made and stimulates to walk along the same path with determination.

Guido BarillaGuido Barilla, Chairman
Luca BarillaLuca Barilla, Vice-Chairman
Paolo BarillaPaolo Barilla, Vice-Chairman